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Rapidly Define a Clearand Actionable AI Strategy

At Lantern, we understand that a successful AI journey begins with a solid strategy.  Our Practical AI Strategy & Roadmap service helps you navigate the complexities of AI adoption, ensuring your initiatives align with your business objectives and deliver tangible value.

Becoming a digital leader is about developing digital capabilities that enable you to be a top performer in the era of AI.  Lantern’s Practical AI Strategy & Roadmap service helps you build an AI strategy to grow AI-enabled digital capabilities across three areas:

  1. Customer Experiences – To win future customers, keep the ones you have and grow revenue.
  2. Employee Experiences – To attract and retain the best talent and increase productivity.
  3. Operations Efficiency – To make operations better, faster, easier and cheaper to increase profits.

The result?  A clear vision for an AI-enabled future and an actionable roadmap to get you there.

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The ROI of AI

IDC's Business Value of AI Survey provides unique insights into the business value of Artificial Intelligence.
For every $1 invested, $3.5 in return
Of AI deployments are taking 12 months or less
Months on average for organizations to realize return

Become A Future Ready Organization

Envision a strategy that not only solves today's challenges but also positions your business for future growth. With Lantern, you'll build a resilient, forward-looking AI strategy.

Customized AI Strategy

Develop an AI strategy tailored to your unique business needs and industry challenges.

AI Readiness Assessment

Assess your current capabilities across people, processes, and technology to identify gaps and opportunities.

Strategic Roadmap Development

Create a clear, actionable roadmap of AI initiatives designed to meet your business goals.

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How AI is Transforming Safety at Unifi​
A groundbreaking AI-powered safety and analytics platform enabled Unifi to identify, assess, and prevent the likelihood of safety risks before they occur.​
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Leading the Charge in AI-Driven Healthcare
Through a strategic collaboration, we empowered a leading academic life sciences university to integrate generative AI, streamlining data management and improving clinical outcomes.
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The Path to AI ValueIs a Journey

AI is a transformative journey that requires a well-structured approach to realize its full potential.   Research from Microsoft and Ipsos shows organizations progress through 5 stages of AI value realization.

Lantern’s Practical AI Strategy & Roadmap service guides you from initial exploration to achieving measurable value, ensuring your AI initiatives are aligned with your business goals and effectively implemented.


What are the five stages of AI readiness?

The five stages of AI readiness are: Exploring, Planning, Implementing, Scaling, and Realizing. Each stage represents a different level of AI integration and value realization within an organization.

  • Exploring – Learning about and experimenting with AI in select areas of the organization.
  • Planning – Actively assessing, defining, and planning an AI strategy, running POCs and planning for AI deployments.
  • Implementing – Moving from POCs and Pilots into Production deployments.
  • Scaling – Enabling AI projects across the organization.
  • Realizing – Seeing repeatable and measurable value across the organization.
How does AI impact an organization?

Organizations at advanced stages of AI readiness see significant value, with an average return of $3.5 for every $1 invested in AI. AI drives operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences, and supports business growth.

  • 96% of organizations are seeing significant value from AI when they reach the realizing stage of AI readiness.
What are the key drivers of AI readiness?

The key drivers of AI readiness include business strategy, technology and data strategy, AI strategy and experience, organization and culture, and AI governance. These drivers help organizations align AI projects with business goals and scale AI solutions effectively.

  • Business Strategy – AI projects must align with strategic business objectives to drive value. This involves defining clear goals, prioritizing use cases, and establishing an investment plan for AI across the organization.
  • Technology and Data Strategy – A robust data infrastructure is essential for scaling AI. Organizations need access to quality data and cloud infrastructure to move AI projects from proof of concept to production.
  • AI Strategy and Experience – Organizations require a deep understanding of AI technologies and repeatable processes. Success is often measured by the number of departments effectively using AI and the alignment of AI models with business use cases.
  • Organization and Culture – Leadership support is crucial for AI value creation. A culture that promotes agile decision-making, coupled with the availability of AI experts, drives successful AI implementation and scaling.
  • AI Governance – Effective AI governance encompasses data privacy, security, and ethical considerations. It ensures transparency, accountability, and the responsible use of AI, which are vital for building trust and mitigating risks.


Why is leadership support crucial in AI value creation?

Leadership vision and support are critical for AI success. 100% of organizations at the realizing stage have leaders who clearly communicate the importance of AI, driving alignment and resource allocation necessary for AI initiatives.

What role does AI governance play in successful AI implementation?

AI governance ensures the responsible development and use of AI, covering aspects like data privacy, security, and ethical considerations. It is crucial for building trust and mitigating risks associated with AI deployment.

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