Solutions for the Health & Life Sciences Sector

Set a technology strategy that withstands disruption to advance your digital leadership.

Disruption is changing every aspect of the health and life sciences sector, from how we think about health to where healthcare takes place. There is no maintaining the status quo. Survival in this evolving market requires health and life sciences companies to harness data, deliver greater transparency, elevate the consumer experience, and serve more patients with more complex needs – and do it all within shrinking margins and a stringent regulatory environment.

Lantern is up to the challenge. Our team is committed to delivering health and life sciences technology solutions that support your company’s specific business needs. Better still, we achieve these outcomes by innovating on the Microsoft foundation so that you can rest assured that your sensitive data is secure.

We pair you with the best tech talent in the industry in an approach customized to the level of advisory, implementation, or ongoing technology support necessary to advance your digital leadership. By harnessing AI, agile and design-led delivery methods, we are able to move your organization to a technology ecosystem that is able to deliver safer, more efficient, and more affordable services to consumers.

Harness your sensitive data for greater predictability. Reinvent user and consumer experience while lowering costs. Discover how Lantern can help you modernize your technology strategy.

Lantern’s health and life sciences technology solutions solve your toughest challenges.
New Product & New Markets

Innovation happens fast in the health and life sciences sector, and it’s changing where and how patient care is delivered. The right technology and use of the best data ensures you extend your reach in the most viable directions. Lantern helps you put the best tools in place to evaluate opportunities and enable strategic business growth.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Health and life sciences companies can’t afford a disruption to service or operations, but there’s no getting around the fact that M&A is disruptive. Lantern can help streamline your organizational changes by integrating the digital products, systems, data, and technology infrastructure that helps you get work done while you focus on the big picture. From early assessments through the back-end integration of disparate health and life sciences technology solutions, our industry-leading talent will ensure you come through the tumultuous M&A process prepared to deliver better care solutions.

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Experience & Technology Modernization

Relying on a dated technology platform means putting your organization at risk of obsolescence, but not every technology solution will deliver the same advantages. Lantern helps health and life science companies determine when and how to bring their communications, workflows, and data solutions up to speed without putting their organization in jeopardy. Whether you’re looking for support in targeting your next tech investment, or a team to build and maintain your platform, Lantern can advance your digital leadership.

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Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Between staffing challenges and tight operating margins, healthcare organizations need every efficiency boost they can get. For life science and product companies, operational efficiency can speed your product to market and secure your competitive edge. No matter what your operations look like, or the improvements you’re hoping to make, technology plays a critical role. Lantern can help you determine which solutions will drive the most impactful improvements today and into the future.

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Compliance & Risk Management

There’s no room for risk when it comes to health and life science solutions, but technology alone isn’t enough to mitigate risk and ensure full regulatory compliance. It takes an impact-focused approach to implementing the right technology. Lantern builds upon Microsoft’s proven solutions, leveraging the secure platform to help health and life science companies ensure compliance, secure data, and enhance clinical outcomes. Our team of innovators partner with health and life science companies to develop and maintain technology platforms that support critical missions.

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Business Solutions
Inspired Business Solutions
Turn data into a strategic asset. Take the guesswork out of growth and change management. Discover how we tailor our business solutions to help you achieve your strategic initiatives.
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