The Digital Studio Model

How We Deliver Differently

At Lantern, we’ve reimagined the way work gets done in the digital age through our Digital Studio model. Our teams leverage multimodal workstyles and collaborate across our immersive studios to ignite creativity, channel inspiration, and deliver outcomes for our clients that transcend the ordinary.

Specialties at Scale

Lantern boasts a Digital Studio Network across North America, with each studio offering complementary capabilities that can be quickly orchestrated and tailored to address complex business challenges of any size.

Key Benefits

  • Versatility
    Our studios can engage independently or seamlessly unite, working together or phasing in and out sequentially to deliver comprehensive solutions, thanks to the complementary nature of their capability sets.
  • Adaptability
    As business objectives change or project scope evolves, we adjust the level of engagement from each studio based on your needs and reprioritize the backlog together.
  • Velocity:
    With modular offerings, Agile delivery methods, and the use of generative AI, we are able to rapidly mobilize engagements and accelerate time-to-value at any stage of your digital journey.
  • Scalability
    The Digital Studio network spans four time zones across North America, providing the flexibility to meet business needs of any size while ensuring synchronization and compatibility with your teams.

Inside the Digital Studio

A studio at Lantern is much more than a physical space; it’s a creative ecosystem that functions as a node within our studio network, designed to enable innovation, collaboration, and transformative outcomes.

What sets the Digital Studio Network apart is its modular approach to unmatched versatility. With studios spanning North America and covering four different time zones, our geographical reach allows us to align seamlessly with our clients’ operational rhythms. Whether you’re in the strategy phase, the build phase, or simply looking to optimize operations, our network provides the freedom to engage at any point in your journey to digital leadership.

Here's a closer look at the anatomy of a Digital Studio:
1. Expert Technical Capabilities & Specialties

Our digital studios are hubs of technical excellence. They house teams of experts with specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft platform. This expertise is the foundation of our ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver cutting-edge solutions on the Microsoft platform.

2. Business-focused Technologists

In our digital studios, we don’t just speak the language of technology; we speak the language of business. Our experts help you achieve business outcomes through the power of Microsoft technologies. We celebrate our success by the success of your business goals.

3. Immersive Physical Office Locations

Our physical office locations across North America are more than just workplaces; they are immersive environments designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

4. Proven Accelerators

We utilize our library of proprietary templates, tools, and quick-start programs to deliver value rapidly and consistently

5. Vibrant Subcultures

Our digital studios are rich ecosystems with tight-knit subcultures. These subcultures encourage diverse perspectives, ensuring that creativity thrives. It’s a melting pot of ideas, experiences, and talents that drive our collective success.

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