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Delivering innovation that helps you navigate unpredictable market conditions to deliver superior customer experiences

Customer experience is everything, but there’s no one right way to meet all consumer expectations. Instead, you need to operate across every channel used by your customers to deliver more personalized products and services. And you need to do it all on lean margins and a rapidly shrinking timeline for delivery.

With the right customer experience technology technology strategy and implementation, any organization can deliver a consumer experience that propels them to the forefront of their marketplace. Lantern is committed to helping consumer-facing businesses like yours craft an approach that emphasizes business outcomes over specific technology solutions. We help you identify, implement, and continuously improve your customer experience technology to achieve targeted business goals and deliver greater value to your customer base.

We begin by pairing you with the partners within our digital studio network ready to meet you where you need an edge in advancing your product cycle. By harnessing AI, agile and design-led delivery methods, our team is able to accelerate your innovation velocity in the retail and commercial goods sector. The result is a comprehensive technology strategy structured to advance your digital leadership.

Discover how Lantern can help you redefine the consumer experience and surpass your business goals with targeted technology solutions.

Lantern’s technology solutions are solving the toughest challenges for retailers and commercial goods providers.
New Product & New Markets

Technology can give retailers and commercial goods providers of all sizes a competitive edge by bridging connections with customers around the world. Maximize this power from your digital front door through your online operations. Lantern can help you select, launch, and maintain the tools needed to power more strategic business growth.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

More consumer offerings can be good. More technology systems? Maybe not. Lantern can help organizations streamline the disruptive process of M&A by bringing together diverse digital products, systems, data, technology infrastructure, and teams. From assessments through the integration of disparate solutions, our team is prepared to help consumer-facing companies come through the M&A process ready to delight customers on day one.

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Experience & Technology Modernization

In the highly competitive consumer market, dated customer experience technology can cost you everything. If you’re working with a data set from last year, you’re already too far behind. Let Lantern bring you up to speed. We build innovative solutions within the trusted Microsoft ecosystem to improve user experience, expand capabilities, and shorten your cycle from data insight to action, while reducing your cost and technology debt. Our industry-leading talent is here to drive your innovation velocity.

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Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

The right approach to technology can supercharge your sales channel and streamline your back office without undue impact on your team. The result is a powerful combination that maximizes profitability. Lantern can help you find that optimal approach. Our innovative professionals can help you unleash the power of the most advanced digital tools to increase efficiency across both consumer-facing and back-end operations – and drive continuous improvement over time.

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Compliance & Risk Management

Speed to market is essential, but does your speed come at too high a cost? With the right technology solutions, consumer-facing companies can protect their team and customers from potential risks. Whether it’s ensuring more secure data or delivering predictive insight for safer operations, Lantern can deliver a technology-powered solution that’s customized to your needs. Our team of innovators build upon Microsoft’s proven solutions, leveraging the secure platform to ensure your compliance and mitigate business and consumer risks.

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Business Solutions
Inspired Business Solutions
Turn data into a strategic asset. Take the guesswork out of growth and change management. Discover how we tailor our business solutions to help you achieve your strategic initiatives.
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