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Implement technology that puts you in control of the changes shaking the energy and resource sector

Change has come for the energy and resource sector. A volatile global market, demands for updated infrastructure that must meet complex regulatory requirements, and a need to reinvent the public-facing experience are pushing energy and resource providers to rethink their digital strategies.

Don’t let the physical field demands and compliance complexity behind energy and resource generation and distribution trap you into thinking technology can’t provide a clear path forward. With an energy sector technology deployment tailored to achieve business goals, energy and resource providers can better weather change, predict risk, and deliver greater value.

Lantern’s talented digital and system engineers offer a flexible approach to energy sector technology strategy and implementation. By meeting you where help is needed in your product cycle, we can ensure continuous platform improvement in line with regulatory requirements. The secure Microsoft platform provides an excellent starting point from which to build innovation. From this trusted foundation, our team brings together the technology components that best meet energy and resource business needs and integrates solutions to more effectively support your processes.
Discover how a better approach to technology deployment can set you apart as a digital leader in the energy and resource industry.

Our Business Solutions
New Products & New Markets

Today’s technology-driven business solutions can level the playing field for energy disruptors and established players ready to evolve. Lantern helps energy companies like yours ensure that the next service rollout is made on a scalable foundation capable of achieving digital leadership. We help you put the right solutions in place to expand the value of existing energy offerings and enable strategic business growth in the most viable direction.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

If you’re focused on evolving your energy and resource portfolio, let Lantern focus on bringing the right technology together to support it. From assessments through the integration of disparate solutions, Lantern simplifies the process of bringing together diverse digital products, systems, data, technology infrastructure, and teams. Our combination of advanced methodology and industry-leading talent lowers the risk around big changes for energy and resource providers. 

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Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Between price pressures and market volatility, energy and resource providers can’t afford not to boost their operational efficiency. The key is to make sure you’re getting a return on your technology spend. The right solution should simplify processes and create a path for reining in operational costs so that you can reinvest in improvements where they matter most. Lantern helps energy and resource providers harness data and unleash the power of new digital tools to supercharge efficiency across consumer-facing and foundational operational activities and drive ongoing improvement.

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Compliance & Risk Management

As the scope and complexity of the risks facing energy and resource organizations grows larger, it’s essential that you move beyond traditional methods of risk management and compliance. You need digital solutions that can help you navigate global challenges and regulatory requirements and make faster decisions in the face of disruption. Our team of innovators partner with energy and resource providers to tailor secure solutions that fit your needs. And, we’re here for the long haul to drive continuous improvement that keeps you a step ahead of the pace of change. 

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Experience & Technology Modernization

You can’t develop modern resources and update energy infrastructure and solutions if you’re running on a dated system. Gain control of your data by modernizing your technology. Lantern can help energy and resource providers determine when and how to bring their Microsoft platforms up to speed. Whether you’re looking for the most effective tech investment, or a team to build and maintain your advanced platform, we’re here to advance your digital leadership.

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Inspired Business Solutions
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