Measuring What Matters in the Era of AI

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape where generative AI is redefining the means and speed at which outcomes can be achieved, traditional benchmarks for success are becoming less relevant. This is why we’ve introduced the concept of Innovation Velocity, a comprehensive measure of the pace of innovation within an organization, designed for the era of AI. 

What is Innovation Velocity?

In the simplest terms, Innovation Velocity is the pace at which innovation occurs within an organization. This metric is measured as a composite index based on Volume, Cycle Time, and Quality of Work across sets of technology-driven business initiatives. 

Why it matters

Visibility Into Value Delivered
Innovation Velocity moves beyond measuring progress through the lens of hours worked and instead offers an aggregated view into incremental value delivered.

Transparency, Predictability, Control
This index equips business and technology leaders with a clear view of their technology ROI across consistent time frames, while also offering the flexibility to modulate throughput as circumstances dictate.

Strategic Insights
Understanding and measuring Innovation Velocity enables organizations to make informed decisions that propel them forward on the path to becoming true digital leaders in the era of AI.

How We Accelerate Innovation Velocity

We don’t just measure Innovation Velocity—we accelerate it. This proactive approach helps our clients continue to push the pace of innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Approach

  • Rapid Mobilization: Our agile model enables us to initiate projects swiftly, cutting down on time-consuming ramp-up periods.
  • Collaborative Backlog Buildout: We actively involve our clients in sizing work and building a backlog, setting aligned expectations right from the start.
  • Prioritization & Sequencing: We ensure efficient allocation of resources by collectively determining task priorities and their sequence.
  • Decomposition: Complex challenges are broken down into smaller, manageable tasks, setting the stage for continuous progress.
  • The Burn-In Period: We mutually agree on a burn-in period to stabilize throughput and predictability. In this phase, we begin tracking key metrics like Velocity, Cycle Time, and Quality and identify outliers. 
  • Stabilization & Baseline Establishment: We establish a performance baseline in agreement with our clients that acts as the standard from which we gradually improve over time.
  • Continuous Improvement: As each sprint progresses, our tight-knit teams push to drive efficiencies so they can deliver more than they did in the previous period.
  • Adaptive Engagement: We collaboratively gauge whether to amplify or temper the pace of each engagement. This ‘dial-up or dial-down’ mechanism ensures that clients have a predictable monthly cost and are in control of the rate at which outcomes are achieved.
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