Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

Secure technology to drive digital leadership in the financial sector.

Whether you’re working to sustain your digital leadership in the face of evolving regulations, seeking to disrupt the established way of engaging with consumers, or enabling unprecedented speed in financial transactions, using the right technology is key. Financial service providers must strike a careful balance between rapid innovation and low-risk deployment. Plan too long, and you fall behind the leading edge of innovation. Move too fast, and you risk facing noncompliance and unnecessary risk.

Financial service providers turn to Microsoft for fully tested, highly secure technologies. And when they want innovative deployments that drive a business case forward, they work with Lantern.

Our financial services technology solutions are tailored to address your specific business challenges, and meet you where you need an edge in advancing your product cycle. We pair you with our team of industry-leading tech talent. By harnessing AI, agile and design-led delivery methods, we are able to accelerate your innovation velocity. The result is a robust technology strategy that helps you achieve digital leadership.

Discover how we target financial services technology solutions to generate more powerful business outcomes

Our Solutions help accelerate some of the financial services industry’s most strategic initiatives
New Product & New Markets

Technology is helping financial service providers securely connect with more businesses and consumers than ever and expand into new markets around the globe. Lantern works to deliver the tools needed to ensure your next launch expands the value of your existing product or service offerings. Build trust among your client base by deploying proven Microsoft solutions in powerful new combinations.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

M&A is meant to amplify your reach – so don’t let poorly integrated technology slow you down. From assessments through the integration of disparate solutions, Lantern can streamline the process of bringing together diverse digital products, systems, data, technology infrastructure, and teams. With our combination of advanced methodology and industry-leading talent, we help financial service leaders come through the groundbreaking M&A process ready to lead on day one.

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Experience & Technology Modernization

In the highly competitive financial services market, dated financial services technology solutions can be a costly liability. Rising costs pressures, rapidly changing regulations, and shorter gaps between technology innovations make it harder than ever to update systems. Lantern can help financial service providers determine when and how to bring their technology platforms up to speed. Whether you’re looking for the most effective tech investment, or a team to build and maintain your advanced platform, we can advance your digital leadership.

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Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Consumers are demanding more communication channels, less friction, and lower costs from their financial experience. More efficient operations on the back end are essential to lower fees and transaction costs so you can compete in the modern financial market. Lantern enables you to harness your data and unleash the power of new digital tools to maximize efficiency across both consumer-facing and operational activities – and drive continuous improvement over time.

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Compliance & Risk Management

The financial service industry is fraught with risk, yet complying with the layers of regulatory requirements can be daunting. To extend the reach of your offerings, your financial services technology solutions must be designed to navigate regulations across the globe. Lantern builds upon Microsoft’s proven solutions, leveraging the secure platform to help financial service providers ensure regulatory compliance and their clients’ data security. Our team partners with financial service providers to develop and update technology platforms as agile as your enterprise.

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