Solutions that Improve Experience through Technology Modernization

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, a dated technology platform can be a costly hindrance to your operational performance and profitability. Customers and employees alike expect a consistently exceptional experience across your digital portfolio. Yet technology’s rapid pace of change, with increasingly shorter gaps between product releases, can make it difficult to understand just where your technology spend might make the most impact.

Don’t let a new solution create new problems across your existing processes and technology. Lantern helps organizations determine which combination of technologies can deliver the greatest impact to their business. By focusing on outcomes over specific product updates, we ensure you get the improved digital experience you expect, while reducing costs and technology debt across your technology estate.

Extend the power of the proven Microsoft platform

Lantern helps your team determine when and how to modernize your dated systems, moving you to the forefront of your industry as a digital leader. Our team of innovators works closely with you to develop strategies for updating communications tools, workflows, and data solutions without adding to risk or operational costs.

We build flexibility into our approach so that organizations are able to move their digital solutions forward in the way that most makes sense for them. Whether you need strategic advisory consulting, development and launch support, or ongoing maintenance and system enhancement, our team is here to keep you ahead of the competition.

Take control of your data and enhance your digital experience by modernizing your technology.

Technology modernization may include any combination of solutions, all fully integrated to ensure a seamless user experience. Our service offerings include:
Digital & App Innovation

Build intelligent apps, dashboards, and other digital tools that offer employees and customers a seamless multichannel experience.

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Business Applications

Accelerate your progress from ideation to action with business app development that allows you to define modern technology expectations.

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Data & AI

Strengthen your competitive edge with solutions that harness your data and allow you to more rapidly turn insight into action.

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Modern Work

Inspire greater collaboration and engagement across your entire technology platform with solutions that advance your digital leadership.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage the computing speed and power of the cloud to deliver the exceptional experience your employees and customers expect.

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Protect your data and your customers with a security strategy, assessment, and positioning that keeps you secure as you modernize.

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Solutions for Your Industry
We help organizations turn data into a strategic asset, take the guesswork out of growth and change management, and achieve digital leadership in their industry.
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Let Lantern Advance Your Digital Leadership
We’re here to provide an edge where it’s needed in your technology cycle – from advisory, strategy, and envisioning, through product build and launch, to ongoing support and optimization.
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