Solutions for Compliance & Risk Management

The ability to anticipate and pivot in the face of risk is an indispensable competitive advantage. To continue moving forward, it’s essential to be one step ahead of potential business risks and able to course-correct rapidly. You must be able to ensure compliance in the face of rapidly changing regulations or when entering complex new markets. And when crisis strikes, business continuity demands you have the tools and data on-hand to support rapid decision-making.

The right compliance and risk management technology solutions can help you better protect your data, your employees, and your stakeholders from a vast range of potential risks. Yet technology alone isn’t enough to keep your business running smoothly. That’s why Lantern takes a comprehensive approach that spans strategy-building through technology launch and long-term operation. By understanding your technology posture and existing challenges, our experts can hone in on a solution that accelerates your innovation velocity.

Innovation built upon the proven Microsoft platform

Lantern enables organizations to lay groundwork for compliance and risk management by extending the power of the proven Microsoft platform. Through our comprehensive approach, we’re able to deliver the level of engagement organizations need: from strategic advisory consulting, through development and launch, to ongoing maintenance and system enhancement.

From your system to the cloud, on your apps or in your database, we make sure you have the right tools to comply with industry regulations and stay ahead of business risks.

Lantern’s compliance and risk management technology solutions may include any combination of our key services.
Digital & App Innovation

Enrich your AI-driven apps, dashboards, and integrated systems with built-in risk management solutions.

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Business Applications

Accelerate movement from ideation to action with business app development that allows for rapid innovation while reducing risk.

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Data & AI

Advanced analytics bring your data together, delivering the insight needed to better anticipate and prevent future risk.

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Modern Work

Inspire greater collaboration across your technology platform with risk management technology solutions you can trust to maintain security and compliance with data sharing requirements.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Strengthen your competitive edge by more proactively predicting and managing risk using the computing power of the cloud.

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Ensure your data is secure with a platform assessment that keeps you in alignment with data protection requirements.

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We help organizations turn data into a strategic asset, take the guesswork out of growth and change management, and achieve digital leadership in their industry.
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