Solutions for Manufacturing Technologies

Modernize experience and unlock productivity with data-powered technology solutions.

The manufacturing landscape has become a global battlefield across which companies must continually and rapidly innovate to compete. Strong, data-based decision-making must be at the heart of your operations to achieve this innovation ahead of your competitors.

Organizations that effectively leverage data can more readily optimize production, strengthen decision-making, and streamline interactions across a complex ecosystem of suppliers and partners. The right technology approach can give workers the right resources to enhance safety and productivity in a rapidly evolving landscape. Lantern can help craft a strategy and implement solutions that give you this edge.

Our team is as flexible as our manufacturing solutions so that we can deliver support where it’s needed in your unique situation. Whether you’re looking for strategic advice, a partner to build and launch your solution, or ongoing maintenance and support, we can help you put the best solution in place.

Discover how Lanterncan help you attain digital leadership with new strategies to connect with customers and supply chain partners.

Lantern’s technology solutions are addressing manufacturers’ toughest challenges.
New Product & New Markets

Technology is helping manufacturing companies connect with a larger consumer base than ever and expand into new markets around the globe. By supporting proven Microsoft solutions with powerful new integrations and AI-driven insight, Lantern can help you target your next product to more effectively expand your reach. Unlock strategic business growth with the right technology approach.  

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

The pace of mergers and divestitures among manufacturing companies can be dizzying. Don’t let this rapid change prevent you from getting the most out of your available resources. From assessments to technology integrations, Lantern can maximize your success. We help manufacturing leaders achieve more value through the right combination of digital products, systems, data, technology infrastructure, and teams. 

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Compliance & Risk Management

In the highly competitive consumer market, a dated technology platform can cost you everything. If you’re working with a data set from last year, you’re already too far behind. Let Lantern bring you up to speed. We build innovative solutions within the trusted Microsoft ecosystem to improve user experience, expand capabilities, and shorten your cycle from data insight to action, while reducing your cost and technology debt. Our industry-leading talent is here to drive your innovation velocity.

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Technology Modernization

In the competitive manufacturing sector, a dated technology platform can slow you down. Yet cost pressures and shorter gaps between technology advancements make it harder than ever to keep systems up-to-date. Whether you’re looking for the most effective tech investment, or a team to build and maintain your advanced platform, Lantern can shorten the cycle from data insight to action and advance your digital leadership. 

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Operational Efficiency

Go beyond simply lowering costs – it’s time to unleash new levels of operational efficiency to maximize profitability. With today’s emerging AI-powered solutions, manufacturing companies have an opportunity to supercharge their business models and automate more elements across departments. Our innovative professionals are here to help you unleash the power of the most advanced digital tools and drive ongoing improvement over time. 

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Business Solutions
Inspired Business Solutions
Turn data into a strategic asset. Take the guesswork out of growth and change management. Discover how we tailor our business solutions to help you achieve your strategic initiatives.
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We’re here to provide an edge where it’s needed in your technology cycle – from advisory, strategy, and envisioning, through product build and launch, to ongoing support and optimization.
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