Powering Progress: A New Era of Contract and Rebate Management with the Power Platform

Discover how Lantern worked with PRIMED to revolutionize their operations with Microsoft’s Power Platform.

PRIMED, a trailblazer in the sales of single-use medical products in the healthcare industry, realized the need for growth and change when it came to their Contract and Rebate Management System (CRMS). In collaboration with Lantern, PRIMED began a transformative journey, elevating their system while optimizing operational efficiency.

Fully Realizing CRMS

Facing the challenge of a 90% complete custom solution for their Contract Rebate and Management System (CMRS) that had been built in C#, PRIMED sought Lantern’s expertise when the original architecture wasn’t working. Lantern was tasked with completing the system, addressing existing bugs, and conducting a comprehensive evaluation. The decision to leverage Power Platform for its buildability paved the way for a comprehensive two-phase project.

Phase 1 – Rethinking the Foundation

Harnessing the capability of Microsoft’s Power Platform, Lantern reconstructed the entire solution using PowerApps and a model-driven approach. Despite its intricacies, the transition mirrored the time it would have taken to fix the bugs in the original, partially built environment. The partnership between PRIMED and Lantern, which carried over from a prior collaboration, infused the project with a sense of trust and synergy.

Phase 2 – Elevating Operational Efficiency

Advancing into Phase 2, thee team at Lantern expertly navigated evolving requirements without many challenges, delivering the solution under budget. An additional layer of innovation emerged, which focused on the imperative of speed and efficiency. Custom pages were seamlessly integrated into the app, offering a solution to bulk edit and import product prices. This innovation injected a new form of velocity into PRIMED’s contract management rebate system.

Value Delivered

This transformation proved valuable to PRIMED particularly in time savings. Bulk imports, facilitated through SharePoint, streamlined the process, allowing for swift uploading of Excel files in tandem with seamless integration into the system. Dataverse provided the foundation, creating a cohesive and dynamic digital environment.

The achieved time savings were remarkable, with a reduction from 3 minutes to just 1 minute per entry, marking a triumphant 1/3 reduction in time for PRIMED’s internal users!

Powerful Collaboration Yields Transformative Results

PRIMED’s Contract and Rebate Management System (CRMS) now stands as a shining example of efficiency and innovation, showcasing the potential for business operations to transform and flourish through strategic technology partnerships.

Everything went very smoothly and communication was great and they were very responsive – project even went under budget. Very happy with my first experience with having a custom-built, add-on solution. – Bonita Davies, PRIMED


Embark on Your Journey to Operational Excellence! Discover how PRIMED transformed their contract and rebate management with Lantern’s expertise using Microsoft’s Power Platform.

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