Data Avengers: Uniting Forces for an Analytics Revolution

Data avengers uniting forces for an analytics revolutionUFCU’s inspiring journey to digital leadership  

United Federal Credit Union (UFCU), a vibrant and inclusive Member-owned cooperative, is a prominent credit union that serves more than 250 universities, associations, and employers in Central Texas and Galveston County. As of December 31, 2022, UFCU had over 360,000 members and was managing $4.587 billion in total assets.   

In the journey toward Digital Leadership, UFCU, a forward-thinking member-owned cooperative, embarked on a transformative partnership with Lantern to revolutionize their data and analytics landscape. This collaboration embodies the concepts of Inspired Teams and Digital Transformation. 

Challenge: Laying the Groundwork for Transformation

UFCU, driven by a commitment to human and social development, sought to enhance its data and analytics capabilities. Recognizing the need for cutting-edge technology, our team engaged with Denodo for seamless migration to Power BI Online. This move set the stage for UFCU’s vision. 

Solution: A Collaborative Journey of Empowerment

Lantern and UFCU embarked on a 6-month co-development project, exemplifying the power of Inspired Teams. UFCU’s teams actively participated in daily activities, ensuring knowledge transfer. The project encompassed Power BI Dashboards, Denodo Implementation, Member Data Integration, and Operational Foundations. Agile Scrum methodologies accelerated Innovation Velocity, providing tangible value to stakeholders. 

Outcome: A New Era of Data and Analytics Pioneering

The partnership delivered extraordinary results, culminating in Digital Transformation. UFCU embraced Data Virtualization, harnessed Power BI Online, broke down data silos for Member-Centric Data Analysis, defined a Data Management Strategy, and adopted Agile Transformation. This journey epitomized Digital Leadership, positioning UFCU for innovation, growth, and exceptional member service. 

UFCU’s transformation stands as an inspiration, exemplifying the power of collaboration and technology in shaping a brighter, data-driven tomorrow. In this era of possibilities, they have become the beacon of innovation, proving that Digital Leadership yields a Competitive Advantage. 

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