Fueling Digital Leadership: Driving Innovation in Energy Reporting

Lantern embarked on a project commissioned by a prominent player in the energy sector to create an enterprise reporting solution. This initiative aimed to enhance the timeliness and accuracy of departmental and cross-departmental reporting, aligning with the client’s quest for Digital Leadership. The comprehensive reporting solution addressed our client’s needs, including the integration of DocVue images and the development of a pivot table-based Lease Operating Statement. 

Our client operates as a land-centered Exploration and Production (E&P) company, specializing in investments and development within the oil and gas sector across the United States. The primary focus of this project was to streamline the monthly and quarterly reporting processes within the accounting department, resulting in very precise and prompt reporting. 

Efficiency Beyond Expectation

Common Use Case in Energy Business: The project exemplified a typical scenario in the energy sector where streamlined reporting processes are critical for efficient operations. 

Successful SQL 2017 Implementation: This project marked the inaugural implementation of SQL 2017 for the client, demonstrating a vital aspect of Digital Transformation. 

Efficiency Beyond Expectations: Despite time constraints, Lantern was able to deliver more than originally promised, drawing from prior project experience. 


DocVue Integration Challenges: Integrating DocVue images proved to be more complex than initially anticipated, as the DocVue server was not directly accessible from internal computers. Overcoming this challenge was crucial for maintaining the pace of Innovation Velocity. 

ERP Integration Shortcomings: The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system did not provide the expected level of customer service, necessitating additional work by Lantern to ensure the project remained on track. 

VPN Connectivity Issues: Establishing VPN connectivity to P2 was time-consuming and faced difficulties, resulting in failed load attempts, underscoring the importance of efficient processes. 

Reevaluating and Responding

Throughout the project, several key factors played a pivotal role in achieving Digital Leadership: the essential ETL package upgrade for technological compatibility, the need to reevaluate ERP integration estimates to align with Digital Leadership objectives, the benefits derived from upgrading to SQL 2017, and the high responsiveness of the client’s IT resource, showcasing the collaborative spirit that contributed to achieving a Competitive Advantage for our client. 

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