Safeguarding Tomorrow: Enbridge’s OnePlan Revolutionizes Pipeline Management

Enbridge’s OnePlan is pioneering pipeline integrity management for a safer, efficient, and compliant future.

The Challenge

Enbridge, the operator of the world’s largest and most intricate active crude pipeline network, faced the challenge of managing their Pipeline Integrity (PI) Program efficiently. With contractual obligations to deliver products safely across North America and regulatory commitments to uphold, Enbridge struggled with slow, manual processes, and information silos, leading to missed regulatory deadlines and significant fines. The real concern, however, lay in the potential risk to the pipeline itself – any detected problem left unaddressed could result in catastrophic failures, incurring massive costs for cleanup, pipeline remediation, and damage to their reputation.  

The Solution

Enbridge engaged Lantern to explore solutions to streamline their PI Program’s management and resource allocation. Our team proposed a non-traditional answer to their non-traditional problem: OnePlan.  

OnePlan offered an innovative approach by leveraging Microsoft Project Server’s scheduling engine to chart out not just a single year but the next 25 years of Pipeline Integrity projects. What set this solution apart was its focus on the end user’s needs. Enbridge wanted their engineers, who are experts in pipeline safety, to use the tool effectively without needing to be project managers or experts in resource allocation.

The Outcomes

OnePlan significantly impacted Enbridge’s pipeline integrity management by enhancing automated workflow management, ensuring regulatory compliance, improving process safety, and consolidating and streamlining systems. 

 This transformation empowers engineers with a user-friendly approach, demonstrating how Inspired Teams can spark creativity, engagement, and collaboration. Through the integration of automation, it achieves efficiency and regulatory compliance, aligning with Digital Transformation goals. 

Conclusion: Streamlining Safety and Compliance

In its first year of use, Enbridge estimates the solution saved the PI team over 9,850 hours of otherwise inefficient people time. In addition, the efficiency savings have been estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. 

By implementing OnePlan, Enbridge has harnessed the power of Digital Transformation to optimize operations, strengthen safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. This success story exemplifies how Digital Leadership, achieved through technology-powered advantages, can yield a Competitive Advantage in revenue growth, profitability, and overall performance. Enbridge’s journey with OnePlan is a testament to the transformative potential of combining Inspired Teams, Innovation Velocity, and Digital Transformation to pioneer a safer, efficient, and compliant future in pipeline management.

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