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Explore How Copilot for M365 and AICan Transform Work

AI is not only a new technology; it is also a new way of thinking, working, and creating. By simplifying everyday tasks and transforming how we do our jobs; Copilot for M365 is opening up new possibilities of productivity and innovation.

In this free two-hour briefing, our Copilot for M365 specialists will help you close the AI readiness gap to integrate AI into your daily work with Copilot for M365.  In this session you’ll:

    • Discover how to prepare your organization for Copilot for M365
    • Uncover ways to use Copilot for M365 to boost productivity
    • Examine how to extend Copilot for M365 with Copilot Studio
    • Understand how Copilot for M365 protects your data security and privacy.

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Increase Productivity

Research involving over 18,000 Copilot for Microsoft 365 early access users across 12 markets and 7 empirical studies by Microsoft revealed the following:

3 Ways Copilot for M365 Can Enhance Your Work and Productivity with AI

Organizational productivity starts with individual productivity. Copilot for M365 is not just another AI tool. It’s a smart and adaptive AI companion that can help you with various tasks and challenges in your work. Here are three benefits of using Copilot for M365.

  1. Improve work quality and efficiency: Receive relevant and useful assistance for tasks such as writing, coding, designing, researching, and more. Copilot for M365 can provide you with information, suggestions, and content that match your preferences, style, and context.
  2. Simplify and accelerate work processes: Seamlessly and easily integrate AI into your work. Copilot for M365 works with your M365 apps and tools, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and Visual Studio, to make your work easier and faster.
  3. Protect data security and privacy: Uses state-of-the-art encryption, authentication, and compliance features. Copilot for M365 ensures that your data is safe and private.

In your free two-hour Copilot for M365 briefing, our experts will show you how Copilot for M365 can benefit your work and productivity, answer your questions, and dive deeper into how this AI companion can transform your organization.

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We areCopilot for M365 Experts

Lantern has been using Copilot for M365 for several months and we are amazed by its capabilities and benefits. In this free two-hour briefing, we will share our insights and experiences with Copilot for M365 and show you how it can help with your organization’s specific needs and goals.

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