Accelerating Internal App Development with Modern Azure DevOps

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead requires adopting modern approaches to app development. With advancements in AI, such as Microsoft Copilot, and the democratization of development tools, it's clear that the future of app development is shifting. Let's explore how Azure DevOps, combined with AI, can accelerate your internal app development and help you stay on top of the processes and procedures. 

The New Speed of Software Development 

The advent of generative AI has triggered a massive acceleration in the speed of software development. With AI like GitHub Copilot, developers can quickly generate code snippets, and with the imagined capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, they could seamlessly navigate organizational data and complex system architectures. This means reducing time spent on tedious tasks, enabling developers to focus on higher-value work and innovate at an unprecedented speed. 

Embracing Azure DevOps 

Azure DevOps provides a suite of services that allow teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications. By integrating with AI, Azure DevOps can expedite the entire development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment.  Imagine Azure Pipelines using AI to optimize build and deployment processes, or Azure Boards leveraging AI to manage work items and track team activity more efficiently. Incorporating AI into your DevOps processes will not only enhance productivity but also improve the quality of the applications you're developing. 

Empowering Citizen Developers 

As low-code and no-code solutions become more prevalent, more people are becoming 'citizen developers,' able to build applications without the need for deep technical knowledge. Modern tools like Visual Studio Code are becoming increasingly accessible, and with the addition of AI capabilities, citizen developers can take on tasks that previously required professional developers.  With AI assistance like Microsoft Copilot, citizen developers could write more code, even with less experience, contributing further to the acceleration of app development. This democratization of development opens up a world of possibilities for innovation across all areas of your business. 

Keeping Pace with Rapid Change 

While the increased pace of development is exciting, it also necessitates an evolution in your organization's processes and procedures. Embracing modern DevOps practices and tools can help you keep pace. Azure DevOps offers features for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), automated testing, and monitoring that can support your teams in this faster development environment.  Staying abreast of these changes and continuously refining your DevOps strategies will ensure you're ready to leverage these new opportunities. Your organization will not only keep up with the speed of modern app development but excel in it. 

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