Differences Between ChatGPT+ (Paid) and Azure OpenAI

Azure OpenAI and the paid version of ChatGPT are two different offerings from OpenAI with distinct features and pricing structures. Here are some key differences between them:

  1. Pricing: Azure OpenAI is available as a service on the Azure cloud platform, and its pricing is based on the usage of the API, with cost per token varying depending on which model is specified. The paid version, ChatGPT+, has a flat monthly subscription cost in addition to metered billing by token.

  2. Availability: Azure OpenAI is generally available for developers to integrate into their applications or services within the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides an API for programmatic access to OpenAI models that can be built to enterprise levels. ChatGPT+ advertises priority access in times of high server load, but there is a limit on how many requests can be made to GPT-4 models in a certain amount of time – currently ChatGPT+ users are limited to 50 requests to GPT-4 over a rolling 3-hour period.

  3. Features: Azure OpenAI provides access to the OpenAI API, allowing developers to build their own applications and services using OpenAI models, including ChatGPT. It offers flexibility and customization options for developers. ChatGPT+ gives access to upcoming features through the ChatGPT UI before those features are supported for use through the API.

  4. Usage limitations: Azure OpenAI has its own usage limits and pricing tiers depending on the number of API calls made. ChatGPT+, as an add-on to ChatGPT, is limited to usage within the ChatGPT interface and does not have an API available for integration into other applications.

  5. Security: Requests made through ChatGPT (with ChatGPT+ or without) may be used in future model training by Open AI – this is a significant reason many enterprise users switch to API/Azure Open AI approaches. When making requests via Azure OpenAI services, the queries you send are NOT shared with the GPT back-end or used in future model training by Open AI. This falls under Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI. You can read more about that here: Responsible AI Solutions with Microsoft Azure.

Azure has released a GitHub repo accelerator bringing the interface you know and love from ChatGPT into the Azure ecosystem. Meaning that your data is secured, traffic is controlled, and value is easily attainable.

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