Multimodal Workstyles

Lantern embraces multimodal workstyles to cut through the incoherence of traditional hybrid work. This innovative approach frees our teams from outdated ways of working and enables us to transcend the ordinary in the way we deliver outcomes for our clients. Our teams are empowered to toggle between ‘modes’ based on the nature of work they are doing and their personal lifestyle needs. This creates an adaptive, inclusive, and above all, effective framework for collaboration.

Key Tenets of Our Workstyle Framework

  • Declarative: A perspective that puts a true stake in the ground so current and prospective employees know where we stand as a company.
  • Fit-for-Purpose: Not just a number of days per week or a blanket policy that applies to everyone regardless of job function, but something truly tailored to the dynamic work we do.
  • Inclusive: A flexible environment where ideas across various personas can emerge, regardless of geographic or personal constraints.
  • Empowering: A system where employees are in the drivers’ seat and have control over how and where they work best.
  • Durable: A framework that elevates today’s ways of working yet is built for the future of work as well.


The Spectrum of Workstyles

Workstyles at Lantern are not one-size-fits-all. They span across a spectrum that we call “The Slider”:

  • Immersive: Rhythmic in-person collaboration with 75% or more time spent in the office.
  • Blended: Purpose-driven in-person engagement 20-75% of the time.
  • Remote: In-person only for company events, if at all. 0-20% in-person.


How It Works

It’s really simple – when you work at Lantern, you get to declare your workstyle. 

When making your decision, we encourage you to consider your lifestyle needs, your team’s needs, your studio’s culture and the nature of work you are doing for our clients. However, at the end of the day, the decision is yours.  We support all three workstyles across each of our Digital Studios.

Intelligent Operations

Once employees make their selection in our internal tool, their workstyle becomes an attribute associated with their digital identity. This data is then made available to our internal staffing and operations teams so that they can align people with projects at the intersection of client needs and workstyle choices.

In some cases, teams are built in clusters of the same workstyle. In other cases, a mix of different workstyles is used to construct a team. It’s all based on what team composition will enable us to deliver the best outcome for our clients.

Data-Driven Decisions

At an aggregate level, we analyze workstyle declarations to inform our facilities strategy and experience investments. We review this data multiple times per year to guide our actions and evaluate decision-making across three tiers:

  • Company Level
  • Studio Level
  • Geography Level

Rich Experiences

We’re committed to investing in each of our workstyle experiences in meaningful ways, which is why we’ve assigned Experience Owners to each workstyle. Our Experience Owners are responsible for ensuring we are dialed in to what employees want and clients need as the future of work continues to evolve.  Experience Owners regularly review market research, analyze industry trends, and have candid conversations with colleagues to ensure we are living up to what our employees deserve in a modern workplace.


Empowered Employees

At Lantern, we trust our teams to make smart decisions, which is why we not only empower them to choose their own workstyle, but also enable them to change it anytime.

By offering this kind of flexibility, every team member can operate in their optimal environment alongside others who work best in similar ways. The result? Teams that are set to deliver their best for our clients.

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