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Modernizing Safety Practices: A Power App Simplifies Real-time Field Risk Assessments.

In this project, Lantern collaborated with our client to enhance safety practices by implementing an electronic version of their Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) paper form. In Phase I, a successful Proof of Concept (POC) was developed, validating the responsive user interface and seamless online/offline functionality using the Power Platform. The solution efficiently handled millions of records within our client’s existing Microsoft licensing entitlements.

Phase II focused on improving mobile usability and supporting multiple languages. Through this, a user-friendly and mobile-ready FLRA Power App was implemented, allowing real-time reporting from the field in various languages. The project resulted in a highly responsive and adaptable solution, elevating our client as a Digital Leader, and providing them with a competitive advantage.

Phase I Challenge

Our client is an internationally recognized professional services company in the engineering design and consulting industry. They wanted to improve safety practices by implementing an electronic version of their Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) paper form. These forms are incredibly important and are submitted by thousands of people worldwide each year.

To bring this idea to life, Lantern joined forces with our client to develop a working Proof of Concept (POC). Our goal was to create a user-friendly and responsive digital FLRA experience using Microsoft’s Power Platform. However, we faced a few challenges along the way. Our client needed a seamless online/offline user experience, the capability to handle millions of records and potentially hundreds of millions of data elements annually, and, most importantly, a solution that didn’t require any additional licensing costs beyond their current Microsoft entitlements.

We were excited to take on these complexities and deliver a solution that met this global organization’s needs while keeping unnecessary costs to a minimum.

Phase I Solution

Our team worked to design a Proof of Concept that tested the feasibility of the suggested solution architecture. This involved creating a user-friendly Power Apps front-end, while using SharePoint as a temporary data repository. We proposed storing the data using Azure resources, ensuring reliable reporting.

Phase I Outcome – Success!

The Proof of Concept was deemed a resounding success. The Lantern team was able to fully showcase SharePoint’s responsiveness, migrating a massive list of over 2 million records!

Phase II Challenge

Lantern had previously implemented an electronic version of a Field Level Risk Assessment (FLRA) paper form, using Innovation Velocity to propel our client as a Digital Leader in their industry. Tens of thousands of these FLRA reports are filled out and submitted on an annual basis across the globe, and our solution provided the ease of electronic, real-time information uploads. With the initial phase being such a success, we were approached to enhance the program’s mobile usability in addition to supporting multiple languages.

After analyzing data, we discovered that most users access the FLRA on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Unfortunately, the current version of the program wasn’t optimized for seamless mobile use. Our client recognized the need for an efficient solution, allowing the easy addition or removal of languages as they expanded the FLRA’s implementation across different countries.

We were excited to collaborate to improve the existing tool to meet these requirements. Our goal was to make the FLRA more user-friendly, mobile-ready, and adaptable to different languages – ensuring a smoother experience for users worldwide.

Phase II Solution

During this phase, we gathered valuable insights and feedback from selected key users who were identified to test the Proof of Concept.

The next phase concentrated on implementing the new solution across the entire FLRA system, incorporating the feedback received during phase one. We carefully considered input collected from users and made adjustments to deliver a user-friendly tool. Through collaboration and communication, our Inspired Teams delivered an improved FLRA experience that met the needs of hundreds of users.

Phase II Outcome – A Fully Responsive App

Our client’s FLRA Power App is now fully responsive, adapting perfectly to mobile devices. This enables users to report incidents and work on them directly from the field, in real-time. We have simplified the process of adding new languages by using a localization file, eliminating the need for extensive Power Apps development. Now reporting can be seamlessly conducted in multiple languages, truly showcasing our client as a successful global business and a Digital Leader!


By streamlining risk assessment processes, enabling real-time reporting from the field, and supporting multiple languages, the FLRA App empowered our client’s workforce to proactively address safety concerns and ensure regulatory and risk compliance effortlessly. With a responsive, user-friendly solution that harnessed the power of Microsoft’s Power Platform, our client showcased their commitment to safety, process efficiency, and global excellence – solidifying its position as a digital leader in engineering design and consulting worldwide. As they continue to safeguard operations and the welfare of employees, the FLRA App stands as a testament to the collaborative success of Inspired Teams, resulting in a safer and more successful future for our client and its stakeholders.

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