Banfield Pet Hospital’s Leap into Digital Mastery with Lantern’s Guiding Light

Elevating Pet Care Through Innovation

As the apex of veterinary care in the U.S., Banfield Pet Hospital® found itself at a crossroads. Hindered by static reporting, a beacon was needed to pave their way to improved efficiency and unparalleled pet care.  

Lantern’s ethos of lighting the path to Innovation Velocity offered just that beacon. Through the expertise of Inspired Teams, Banfield embarked on a transformative journey to achieve Digital Leadership – optimizing experiences and, above all, championing unparalleled pet care.  

Harnessing Microsoft’s Power

Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, Banfield’s operations underwent a significant metamorphosis. Engaging over 19,000 professionals, they unlocked insights and streamlined processes that once seemed elusive. As Kelsey Wiggin, the luminary behind Operational Reporting and Insights, expressed, “Power BI’s intuitive features were the guiding beacon we sought.”  

By embracing AI, Agile, and design-centric methodologies—core principles of Lantern—Banfield amplified their Innovation Velocity. With this evolved approach, data became a strategic asset, positioning them as Digital Leaders in the expansive realm of veterinary care.  

Achievements weren’t confined to internal milestones. The transformative prowess of Power BI earned them the prestigious Banfield President’s Award. Further, they enhanced client experiences as Rebecca McCarthy, the spearhead of Data and Analytics, noted, “Our strategic approach ensures optimal care for every pet.”  

Outcomes: Stepping into Digital Excellence

With Power BI, Banfield didn’t just adopt a tool; they embraced Lantern’s ethos, surging ahead to digital pioneers. With a whopping 90% of associates endorsing the new system, Banfield epitomized the essence of inspired teams and superior innovation velocity.  

Shine with Lantern

Is your organization seeking a guide? Collaborate with Lantern and harness the power of the Microsoft platform. Let our teams guide your ascent, fortifying your digital governance, and catapulting you into an exciting digital landscape.  

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