Heartbeats & Bytes: Redefining Defibrillator Surveillance with Lantern

Facing the challenge of modernizing defibrillator surveillance, Readiness Systems aimed to blend advanced technology with human-focused solutions. Their goal was clear: set new benchmarks for patient safety.  

Lantern provided the pathway to Digital Leadership. With Lantern’s expertise, Readiness Systems transformed, setting new patient safety standards.  

Empowering with Technology

Lantern’s AI and IoT solutions were pivotal for Readiness Systems’ success. The launch of AED Sentinel marked a significant shift, integrating tech-driven strategies with a deep commitment to healthcare. James Henderson, Head of Defibrillator Initiatives, noted, “Lantern’s approach made every challenge surmountable.” Readiness Systems optimized operations and defined new industry best practices. Linda Strauss, Director of Surveillance Operations, commented, “Partnering with Lantern has been a game-changer.”  

Achieving Excellence

With the support of Lantern’s Guiding Light, Readiness Systems transformed their operations, demonstrating the power of Inspired Teams that combine technology and medical expertise.  

Take the Lead with Lantern

Is your organization poised for innovation? Lantern’s expertise is the catalyst you need. Together, let’s shape the future. 

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