Charting New Heights: How an Azure Modern Web Application Transformed Marketing for a Leading Consumer Brand

Imagine your marketing team being able to predict which campaign will be more successful even before it starts. Data isn’t just a puzzle—it’s the key. A top consumer goods company decided to make data science everyone’s tool, embracing Digital Leadership and aiming to redefine how we see marketing. 

The Challenge

A small powerhouse team of 6 data scientists were tasked with identifying “white space” opportunities for revenue growth. They teamed up with marketing, data, and IT to: 

  • Work with marketing on projects with real profit promise. 
  • Gather the essential data. 
  • Design smart algorithms for the right customers, products, and stores. 
  • Share their discoveries for marketing to act on. 

The hiccup? It was a long process using many tools. But it worked. So, the challenge became how to meet rising demand and let marketing use and understand the data on their own, highlighting the importance of Inspired Teams. 

The Solution: A Modern Web Application on Azure

Together with experts from the data science, marketing, data, and IT teams, we made an AI-backed Azure web application, embodying the concept of Innovation Velocity. It was designed for big goals and secure use. Now, marketers can pull insights from over 500,000 stores, understanding household choices and product preferences. 

Handling heaps of data smoothly was key. Marketers had to sift through countless households, numerous stores, and countless products to create a campaign. The solution? A drag-and-drop UI. Marketers can now easily pick targets and understand patterns, showcasing the essence of Digital Leadership. Complexity was streamlined. 

The Results

What took weeks now takes minutes. Thanks to Azure’s elastic scaling, the business needs were met efficiently and cost-effectively, illustrating how working together as a team accelerated innovation velocity. 

The real win was in the results. The first campaign using the application brought in a whopping 80% of new sales for a product in the first two weeks. This application truly made data science a marketer’s tool, embodying the principles of Digital Leadership. Decision-making became sharp, fast, and effective, driving the company into a bright future of marketing and demonstrating that this organization’s willingness to embrace Digital Leadership led to a Competitive Advantage within their industry.  

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