Standards Unleashed: CSA’s Epic Customer Portal

Working together to redefine standards access and empower customers in a digital era.

The Canadian Standards Association Group (CSA), a pioneer in standards certification, embarked on a transformative journey with Microsoft’s toolkit, embracing the principles of Digital Leadership. Collaborating with tech-savvy partners including Lantern, CSA revolutionized customer experiences – seamlessly integrating certification data, customer information from Salesforce, and classic systems into a dynamic web portal. 

Embracing Transformation

Facing the challenge of migrating from diverse legacy systems, CSA turned to Lantern to harness the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. To accelerate the pace of innovation, Lantern created a tailor-made web portal that seamlessly brought together various data sources, all connected through MuleSoft integration. We simplified content organization, resulting in a robust and all-encompassing solution for our client. 

Agile Advancements and Triumphant Milestones

CSA’s agile approach, led by a dedicated program manager, swiftly addressed roadblocks, which resulted in real-time progress insights. CSA’s internal team was then able to handle complex tasks and support, boosted by long-term collaborations with Lantern and reflecting our spirit of Inspired Teams. 

From envisioning solutions and high-level design to seamless integration, CSA’s journey achieved remarkable milestones, showcasing their commitment to Digital Leadership and Innovation Velocity. The newly empowered CSA continues to lead globally in standards research, embodying the spirit of innovation. 

Outcome – An Empowered Future

Today, the Canadian Standards Association Group proudly operates a cutting-edge customer portal, which is a testament to successful collaboration with expert vendors and the commitment to revolutionizing their services. With their web portal in place, CSA continues to lead in standards research, development, education, and advocacy, improving safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency worldwide. CSA’s partnership strategy ensures lasting support from expert firms, solidifying its place at the forefront of standards and innovation. 

Join the Innovation Journey

Lantern can help you discover the transformative potential of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 in revolutionizing your operations, propelling you on the path of Digital Leadership. Embrace the power of collaboration and modernization to drive excellence and stay ahead in your industry. 

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