Little Potato Company – Potatoes and Power Apps

Fueling Growth with Power Apps: Little Potato Company’s Journey Towards an Efficient and Impactful Future.   

Little Potato Company (LPC), a renowned family-owned business specializing in Creamer potatoes, embarked on a transformational journey to improve their internal processes and make a positive impact on global food consumption. To achieve their mission of feeding the world better, LPC collaborated with Lantern to explore and implement several Microsoft Power Apps solutions. This case story highlights the successful partnership and the significant milestones achieved throughout the journey.   

Enhancing Efficiency and Integrity with Microsoft’s Power App Solutions

LPC faced hurdles with data integrity and limited mobile access in their existing processes. They aimed to replace manual data entry in spreadsheets with efficient and reliable solutions. To tackle these challenges, LPC approved three key proof of concept projects: a Canvas Power App for capturing key information from the industry-standard Book of Raw Products (BORP), a Point of Sale (POS) Canvas Power App that streamlines sales and marketing processes, and a Model Driven Power App for seamless budget submission.  

Solutioning through Automation

With Lantern’s direction and expertise, LPC implemented automated tools using Canvas Power Apps and Model Driven Power Apps, transforming their internal processes. The result of working together as an inspired team was remarkable:  

  • Enhanced Data Management: The Canvas Power App replaced error-prone spreadsheet files for BORP, ensuring data integrity and eliminating locking issues.   
  • Improved Sales and Marketing Operations: The POS Canvas Power App empowered teams with mobile accessibility, boosting efficiency and collaboration.   
  • Streamlined Budget Submission: The Model Driven Power App provided a user-friendly interface for budget submissions, utilizing Dataverse for secure data storage and synchronization.   
  • Access Database Migration: Lantern seamlessly converted six Access Databases into modern Canvas Power Apps, improving data management and overall productivity.   
  • Agricultural Efficiency: The Offline/Online Top Kill Planner App optimized crop harvesting schedules, enhancing resource allocation and decision-making.   
  • Compliance and Safety: The Rapid Test Screening App ensured compliance with LPC’s Vaccination Policy, verifying worker eligibility and facility access.   

Outcomes: Optimizing Power Platform Environments

Throughout our journey, we had daily stand-up meetings to keep the communication consistent, deal with any roadblocks, and decide on what tasks needed our attention. LPC’s team members were there with their valuable insights and support to help us integrate systems smoothly. The users adapting to the change from Access to Power Apps made the transition easy, and when it came to the budget support power app, its complexity showed us just how important having an as-built document is for keeping everything running smoothly.   

Optimizing the provisioning of Dataverse in Power Platform environments, proposing the use of Service Accounts for appropriate Power Apps solutions, and implementing an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process were key lessons learned in this transformative journey.   

Transforming Business to “Feed the World Better”

Through their collaboration with Lantern, Little Potato Company has successfully embraced Power Apps automation. By harnessing the potential of Power Apps, LPC has redefined efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration – ushering in a new era of operational excellence. As the journey continues, guided by innovation velocity, LPC is primed to carve a path of sustained growth, leaving an indelible mark on the food industry by highlighting the profound impact of technology-driven transformation.   

Since implementing innovative solutions to streamline their internal processes, LPC’s mission of Feeding the World Better has become an easier goal to achieve.  

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