Unlocking Health Insurance Innovation: A Modernization Success Story

Transforming a legacy benefits app into a powerful, intuitive mobile experience through collaborative engagement.


Modernize the health insurance experience, giving covered members more power and control.


A mobile experience that saves users time and improves their capability and confidence, while improving organizational efficiency.

ASEBP provides wellness and health benefits services tailored to people who work in the K to 12 Education sector. They pride themselves on their customer care, striving to be health champions for their members. ASEBP has approximately 65,000 covered members with over 83,000 dependents across Alberta, with steady membership growth every year.

ASEBP received critical feedback from users of their web app benefits portal, which, due to an outdated and static system, was hindering members’ ability to submit and review progress of claims with ease. Valuing this feedback, ASEBP engaged Lantern to explore new concepts and ideas. Our team had knowledge of the existing technical complexities and were eager to help ASEBP move forward as innovators and leaders in the mobile app claim process.

From Ideation to Ideal State

Working with the team at ASEBP to align on an ideal state, the ideation sessions that were conducted engaged everyone in blue sky thinking, resulting in the following theme: as health champions, what would they most like to see in the new mobile app?

Some initial important improvements were identified:

  • Clear view of account balances
  • Easy claim submission process
  • Intuitive review of claims submitted
  • Virtual benefits card
  • Detailed prescription information, including alternatives

With these improvements in mind, the team at Lantern got to work on what would become the My ASEBP mobile app. The team prioritized a backlog by business value – ensuring important features were developed first. Through rapid implementation and testing, we were able to refine the experience and build value quickly.

Challenges and Breakthroughs

As the mobile app project moved along, we encountered a few challenges with timing and alignment in project development. Our team was able to mitigate any project risks through diligent communication and collaboration with ASEBP.

The product owner was an integral part of guiding the app development process, and was very driven to achieve successful outcomes. Through this relationship, we are honored to say we established incredible trust between the Lantern and ASEBP teams.

Since the launch of the new app, the number of active mobile app users has increased by almost 400%! The number of claims submitted through the app continues to grow.

We are so proud of the collaborative relationships we built with everyone at ASEBP over the course of this project. Establishing relationships grounded in transparency and trust played a pivotal role in delivering a benefits app that had been thoroughly modernized, meeting their desired impact.

ASEBP’s commitment to their members’ ease of use truly defines them as a health champion and digital leaders.

Get ready to revolutionize your mobile app services, and embrace the future of wellness. ASEBP’s journey is an inspiring call to action for all digital leaders.

An Intuitive User Experience

The new and improved My ASEBP mobile app has been very well received by members, school jurisdictions, and the ASEBP team. It was designed to be an intuitive experience, with users spending less than a minute on average within the app. Member feedback and reviews confirmed that claims take significantly less time to submit, completely transforming their claims app experience.
reduction of pages
app usage
of all claims handled
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